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The PQ interval starts at the beginning of the atrial contraction and ends at the beginning of the ventricular contraction. The PQ interval (sometimes referred to as the PR interval as a Q wave is not always present) indicates how fast the action potential is transmitted through the AV node...

GitHub - lib/pq: Pure Go Postgres driver for database/sql

Contribute to lib/pq development by creating an account on GitHub. godoc.org/github.com/lib/pq.

Конвой PQ17 все серии подряд - YouTube

Валентин Пикуль "Реквием каравану PQ-17". Адмирал Гремящий. Конвой PQ 17. Роман Андреев.

PQ - Wikipedia

PQ may refer to: Province of Quebec, the largest province of Canada. Rancho Peñasquitos, San Diego, informally. Parti Québécois, a provincial political party in Quebec, Canada. Parliamentary question, a question posed during Question time in a Westminster system legislature.

A Basic Guide to IQ, OQ, PQ in FDA-Regulated Industries

IQ, OQ, PQ protocols are methods for demonstrating that equipment being used or installed will offer FDA Criteria for PQ and PPQ Protocols. In its guidance, "Process Validation: General Principles and...


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