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TL Community. TL.net talked to Frost Giant Studios about how they convinced investors to help them make the next great Blizzard-style RTS, and how they might adapt the genre to modern times while maintaining the timeless gameplay principles.

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Download TL Available for: All the official versions: from alpha to snapshots.

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TL or Tl may refer to: Télé Liban, a Lebanese television network. Turn Left (newspaper), Cornell University student publication. Tl (digraph), a digraph representing a voiceless alveolar lateral affricate in some languages. Tagalog language (ISO 639 alpha-2 code: tl).

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Klavyede yeni TL simgesini yapmak için öncelikle TCMB internet sitesi üzerinden işletim sisteminize uygun olan yazı tipini indirmeniz gerekiyor. Bu yazı tipini seçtikten sonra Windows işletim sisteminde AltGR T tuşlarına basarak Mac'de ise Alt T tuşlarına beraber basarak ₺ (TL) simgesini yapabilirsiniz.

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если у вас такой скачайте TL Lagecy:


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