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The Ur empire continued through the reigns of three more kings with Semitic Akkadian names, Amar-Sin, Shu-Sin, and Ibbi-Sin. It fell around 1940 BC to the Elamites in the 24th regnal year of Ibbi-Sin, an event commemorated by the Lament for Ur. According to one estimate, Ur was the largest city in the world from c. 2030 to 1980 BC.

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UR has a worldwide distributor and partner network, ready to help you solve your automation challenges. Careers WE'RE HIRING We come from all over the world, but we're united in one focus: to continually push the boundaries of our own aspirations, the company's goals, and what we can achieve with robotics.

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Ur-Nammu (r. 2047-2030 BCE) was the founder of the Third Dynasty of Ur in Sumer who initiated the so-called Ur III Period (2047-1750 BCE) also known as the Sumerian Renaissance. He is best known as the king who composed the first complete law code in the world, The Code of Ur-Nammu. An earlier law code (known as the Code of Urukagina from the 24th century BCE) is only known through partial ...

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UR Courses is the primary Online Learning Environment (OLE) used at the University of Regina and its Federated Colleges.. Students. Access to your course is typically available at the start of the semester. If the semester has already begun, access to your course will become available approximately 24 hours after enrollment.

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