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Urban Dictionary: Hi

Well, knowing that anyone in their right mind wouldn't look up "Hi" in the U.D., I can safely assume you did it for one of these reasons: 1) Your parent/roomate just walked in and you were looking up something that was very innapropriate for the time being.

HI - Wikipedia

HI or Hi may refer to: Hello Internet, a podcast hosted by CGP Grey and Brady Haran. Hi (magazine), teen-lifestyle publication. "Hi" (song), a song by Ofra Haza, Israel's entry in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest. Hi, a character in the comic strip Hi and Lois.

Hi definition, (used as an exclamation of greeting); hello! See more.

SEE SYNONYMS FOR hi ON THESAURUS.COM. interjection. (used as an exclamation of greeting); hello! Video for hi. WATCH NOW: Why Are There So Many Ways To Say "Hi"?


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