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PX to EM Converter Set a default font size (usually 16px) Then, convert a pixel value to em, based on the default size What is the difference between PX, EM and Percent? Pixel is a static measurement, while...

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PX or px may refer to: PX Index, index of the Prague Stock Exchange. Air Niugini (IATA airline code PX). Part exchange, a type of contract. Post exchange, a store operated by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service on US Army posts. Praxair (stock symbol PX).

Таблица соотношений px, pt, em % | Web изнутри

Пункт, pt. Пиксель, px. Единица, em.

Единицы измерения | htmlbook.ru | Статьи

Высота символа x. px. Пиксел. % Процент.

CSS values and units - Learn web development | MDN

The only value that you will commonly use is px (pixels). Relative length units. If you only specify values for one axis the other will default to center. In the following example we have positioned a background image 40px from the top and to the right of the container using a keyword.


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