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The castor or caster sugar type conversion tool instantly converts amounts of castor - caster sugar between cups and grams g, pounds lb, ounces oz, kilograms kg and other measuring units, and vise versa, the calculator deals with any castor sugar amounts / units conversions for your measurements. This converter is using the following weight and volume units: cup - Metric or US cups of ...

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Castor sugar definition: finely ground white sugar | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Caster sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet, and is valued for its quick-dissolving properties. The usual refined white variety of caster sugar will have been treated to remove molasses ...

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Caster sugar, also known as castor sugar or super-fine sugar, is frequently used in British baking.It melts and incorporates quicker than regular granulated sugar without the added cornstarch of powdered sugar. It's more expensive than regular sugar and can be difficult to track down in the U.S., but it's easy to make a quick substitute at home.

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While caster sugar and granulated sugar are not exactly the same, they can be swapped 1:1 in baking recipes. Caster sugar is slightly finer and dissolves more easily, but in my experience, this doesn't affect most baking recipes if swapped with granulated sugar.

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