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Making Caster Sugar Is Literally This Easy! - YouTube

Learn how to make your own caster sugar and use it up in our recipe for Affogato muffins in coffee sugar...

What Is Caster Sugar and What's a Good... | Allrecipes

Caster, or castor, sugar is a type of fine granulated sugar that's widely available in the United Kingdom. It's not quite as common in Granulated sugar has a larger and coarser grain than caster sugar. Though they can generally be used interchangeably, granulated...

What is castor sugar? - Quora

Caster sugar is a finely ground form of white sugar — finer than granulated (which you stir into your cup of tea), less fine than icing sugar (which you use to make icing, which I think is called frosting west of the Atlantic). It may be spooned in the kitchen when cooking (it...

What Is Caster Sugar? (Your Baking...) - Sweetest Menu

Caster sugar is a refined white sugar that is commonly used for baking in Australia and also the UK. Caster sugar is slightly finer and dissolves more easily, but in my experience, this doesn't affect most baking recipes if swapped with granulated sugar.

The Definitive Guide to Caster Sugar (2020) | Scabrou Blog

Use Caster sugar to beat air into ingredients like when whipping egg whites for a cake or meringue, whipped cream, or for frostings. Where does caster sugar come from? Sugar has many different origins, there are 121 current countries that manufacture sugar.

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