Cx Uno With Ip


UNO Support System - Øglænd system

UNO is a traditional, tried and tested support system comprising simple U-shaped profiles. Unlike our Mekano® System, UNO cannot be fitted back-to-back without the use of additional brackets. UNO is available in single and double U-configurations, in perforated and non-perforated types.

ServSwitch CX Uno with IP, 8-Port

ServSwitch CX Uno with IP, 8-Port. Worldwide (495)649-84-45 Black Box www.blackbox.com.

KV1081A, CX UNO IP - Black Box

High-performance IP access The CX UNO IP comes with 8 or 16 computer ports. Depending on the required interface, Server Access Modules (SAMs) can High-performance KVM console The CX UNO IP is provided with a high-performance local KVM console connection that supports USB keyboards...

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