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MCPA Ester 600 is a selective herbicide used to control a variety of broadleaf weeds in cereal and flax crops, as well as grasses, rangeland and non-crop areas.

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Herbicidas. Veiklioji medžiaga: MCPA 750 g/l (63.6 %) Tirpus koncentratas MCPA 750 - selektyvaus veikimo fenoksiherbicidų klasės sisteminis herbicidas. Herbicidas skirtas vienmetėms ir kai kurioms daugiametėms dviskiltėms piktžolėms naikinti žieminiuose kviečiuose, rugiuose, kvietrugiuose, miežiuose ir vasariniuose kviečiuose, kvietrugiuose, miežiuose, avižose, javuose su ...

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MCPA (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid) is a powerful, selective, widely used phenoxy herbicide.The pure compound is a brown-colored powder. MCPA has been extensively used in agriculture to control broad-leaf weeds as a growth regulator primarily in pasture and cereal crops field since 1945. The mode of action of MCPA is as an auxin, which are growth hormones that naturally exist in plants.


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