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They are known as work zone barriers. As the name suggests, these protective barriers help maintain safety and order in and around construction safety zones. Essentially, they keep what doesn't belong in a designated area out of that area.

PDF Choosing the Correct Barrier for the Workzone

How Do We Choose the Correct Barrier Based on the Work zone Factors? Economical Benefits • Work zone Barrier Length - 1500 Lineal Feet • Duration of Work zone - 30 Days • Lump Sum Mobilization for the Work zoneBarrier "A" $5,800* - Concrete • Barrier "B" $5,800* *Calculations based on $.04 a foot a day for Concrete and

Mobile Barriers - Positive Protection for Work Zone Safety

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® is a highly mobile traffic barrier system for work zone safety, emergency response, & incident management. Drives down the road at speed and is used to increase safety, minimize distractions to passing traffic, and quickly reopen roadways and restore normal traffic flows.

Traffic Safety Barriers | Expandable Construction Barricades

Protect your Construction sites with our easy to install Traffic Safety Barriers available in both Expanding or Work Gate Barrier models. May be placed in a line or adjusted to protect an enclosed area. Constructed from durable and lightweight blow molded virgin plastic and some include high-intensity reflective tapes for visibility.

PDF Guidelines for Positive Barrier Use in Construction Zones

riers for work zones. A major problem highway engineers have faced is the absence of objective guidelines for selection 3nd deployment of positive barriers in work zones. Engineers from 9 states were recently surveyed to determine the current practices regarding the use of positive barriers in construction zones.

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